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New Location

The Wool Studio is now located at the farm. For returning customers, please note the entrance is now on right from Muthill, and left from Braco/Stirling direction.

Strathearn Wool Studio

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Eat your heart out with our latest yarns...


We are delighted to have some of our yarns at

Craic 'n' yarn, 15A, Main St., Drymen. A fantastic boutique yarn shop!

Spinning Group

The spinning group meets  every second Wednesday 10.30-12.30 For more information, please e-mail Linda at

Knitting comes after housework only in the dictionary!

We are proud to support CFW


We have a range of hand-dyed fibre, ready for you to use on your felting and spinning projects.  A small selection is available at our online shop. Alternatively, we can forward details of available colours to suit your requirements. Just e-mail or phone and we will get back to you to discuss requirements.

Bluefaced Leicester Curls

Tight and curly, this is perfect for embellishing felting projects and adding in whist spinning to obtain a boucle effect.

10g  £1.50

bfl curls

Wensleydale Curls

Flowing and lustrous, these add finesse to any wet and needle-felting projects.

10g  £2

Dyed Texel

With a medium staple length, this is excellent for adding texture to your project. It is also ready to be carded  alone or blended with other fibres for felting and spinning.

50g  £4.50

Dyed Fleece

Carded Batts

Add colour to your felting and spinning projects with our home-produced batts. Our range of colours/blends is ever changing so please contact us for latest fluffy batts.

25g  £3

Carded Batts